Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

First you need to reserve your campsite with the campground. Then give us a call or book online one of our trailers. We will deliver and set up the trailer for you. One of our drivers will provide you a full orientation on how to operate all the switches etc. When you are finished camping, we will pick up the trailer and dump the tanks.
Camping made easy!!

Do I need a reservation?

Yes. A minimum of 24 hour advanced reservation is required. You can always call the office and check availability before you reserve your campsite.

Is there a minimum rental period?

Camping Adventures requires a two (2) night stay in the Ventura Area and a three (3) to four (4) night minimum stay outside Ventura and during holidays and special events.

Two day pricing (outside of holidays) is only for Lake Casitas, Ventura RV Beach Resort, Leo Carrillo, Sycamore Canyon Camp ground, and Thronhill Broom. All other camp grounds are a three to four night minimum due to delivery times and proximity. Cachuma Lake and Live Oak Camp Ground is a four night minimum from May to September and November and three nights for all time periods.

Is there a security deposit required?

A $200.00 security deposit is required for each trailer rental. This security deposit covers the cost in the unfortunate event there is damage done to the inside or outside of the trailer during your stay. Customers will be notified before charges are taken from the credit card on file.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you must cancel your reservation, please notify someone in our office in writing. All cancellations must be made 60 days prior to your scheduled arrival date to have your down payment completely refunded.

If you cancel less than 60 days from reservation date or reservation does not allow 60 days, your down payment is non-refundable.

No cancellations or date adjustments can be made within two (2) weeks. For example, if you have reserved the trailer for 4 nights and within two weeks want to adjust to 3 nights, you will still be charged 4 nights.

If you cancel your reservation two (2) weeks prior or less, the full amount is non-refundable.

What payment methods do you accept?

You will need to make payment to reserve a trailer. Camping Adventures accepts credit cards via the online booking process or over the phone. If you want to pay with cash you will need to deliver it to our office in order to make a reservation. No cash is taken by the drivers.

When is payment due?

For reservations made more than two (2) weeks prior to scheduled arrival date, a down payment of $250 is required to reserve the trailer.

The remaining balance is due two (2) weeks prior to scheduled arrival date. If the reservation is made less then two (2) weeks from arrival date, the total amount is due the day the reservation is made and is non-refundable.

Can I reschedule?

If you must cancel your reservation and do not want to lose out on the money you have put toward your vacation, Camping Adventures offers a rescheduling policy. If you have cancelled your reservation and you are less then 30 days from your arrival date, you can reschedule your reservation for a $50.00 fee. The amount that you have put toward your reservation will be applied to your next reservation with Camping Adventures. Customers have one (1) year from the date the reservation was cancelled to reschedule the reservation. After one (1) year, the reservation and amount paid becomes forfeited.

What's the check In policy?

Delivery times are generally between 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. daily. When your balance is charged two (2) weeks prior to your arrival, you will be asked for an ETA of when you would like to arrive. One day prior to your arrival, a delivery time will be confirmed based on logistics, when your reservation was made with Camping Adventures and preference.

Once a delivery time is scheduled it may be difficult to adjust. Often times multiple deliveries are scheduled on the same day. If your time is pushed back it would change other customers times. Camping Adventures has had a great track record of delivering one time or early. We strive to be punctual and do not like to have customers waiting on deliveries. If you are a person who runs late please do not request us to arrive earlier then your planned arrival time.

Do you deliver?

Yes, in fact we only offer delivery. We will deliver and set up the trailer at the rental location on the Rental Period Start Date and pick up the Trailer upon completion of your Rental Period. At the time of delivery, one of our staff members will provide you with an orientation to show you the safe and proper use of the Trailer and its features. Additionally, the orientation will provide a summary of the campground rules and prohibited uses of the Trailer.

The Trailers will include instruction booklets which will explain the operation of the Trailer and its features. The orientation process can take up to one (1) hour. Please allow yourself enough time.

If you arrive later than 30 minutes past your scheduled orientation then you may have to have the orientation done over the phone. Customers tend to have a better experience if they can see in person how the trailer functions. You can find an orientation video by clicking here.

Trailers are all backed into the parking spots. If you have two sites next to each other Camping Adventures CAN NOT park the trailers with the doors facing each other.

Am I required to clean up the trailer?

Yes, you are required to do a basic clean up at the end of your stay. The Trailer must be returned without damage and the inside must be clean prior to check out (dishes washed, dried, put away, trash removed, floors swept, and counter-tops wiped clean). Failure to return without damage and/or in an unclean state will result in additional charges that may be deducted from the Security Deposit and, if necessary, additional charges may be made to your credit card.

Can I smoke in the trailer?

There is NO smoking in any of the Trailers.  If the Trailer is returned with any kind of smoking odor or other evidence of smoking, it will result in the forfeiture of the security deposit plus any additional charges in cleaning and/or repair.

What's the refund policy?

Camping Adventures is unable to provide refunds for any reason. This includes but is not limited to: late arrivals, early departures, bad weather conditions or personal emergencies. Please also review our cancellation policy.

Can I bring my pet?

You will have a maximum of one (1) dog per Trailer. No other types of pets are allowed in the Trailer. A dog requires an additional fee of $10 per day rental fee and an additional security deposit of $100. Your dog must not be left unattended in the Trailer at any time. You are responsible for any and all damage caused by your dog in the Trailer while it is in your possession. Your dog is not allowed on the Trailer furniture. Additional cleaning and/or repair fees will be charged for dog hair on furniture or staining or soiling caused by your dog.

What if I run out of water or fill up my tanks?

The Trailer comes equipped with fresh water, and grey and black holding tanks. If you are camped in a non-hookup site, it is your responsibility to ensure that these resources last your entire stay. We will not provide additional water, holding tank capacity, propane, or batteries during your rental period.

Renting a trailer is not a substitute for a hotel. Supplies are limited and must be managed.

Although you are urged to conserve water you do need to use enough water to flush the toilet paper down. If you do not use water while flushing the toilet, it will clog at the top. If the toilet clogs you may need to find a stick to push down the TP that is suck.

What if something breaks on my trip?

The A/C, coffee maker, generator, awning, radio, microwave, television, DVD, jacks, etc are convenience items. If any malfunctions should occur with any of these items, no compensation will be made to you. For assistance, you are advised to consult the informational material or call 805-797-7460.

Does the trailer come with a generator?

They do not include a generator, but we do have them available for rent. If you rent a generator, Camping Adventures will provide one (1) full tank of fuel. The generator is not to be used more than 4 hours per day, excess use will result in additional charges. You are not required to refill the tank at the end of your stay. The generators are typically the Honda 2000 and will not run the AC. If you want AC during your rental please book a site with electrical capabilities. Most camp grounds only allow the generator to operate from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. Outside those hours you will be asked to turn the generator off. If you are renting the trailer to operate a Cpap machine you will a site with electricity. You will not be able to run the generator over night to keep the Cpap running.

Camping Adventures is not a substitute for a Hotel, Motel, or Condominium. Keep in mind these are Trailer Rentals. Our goal is to enhance your camping adventure and provide shelter from the great outdoors and to enhance your camping experience. If your expectation is to have the AC run all day while watching TV or movies than a hotel maybe a better fit.

Do The Rates Include The Campsite Fees?

No. Reserving the camp site is the customer’s responsibility. Camping Adventures only rents and deliveries the Trailers to the camp site the customer has already reserved. It is best to reserve the camp site first, if you do not have a site reserved then there is no need to rent the Trailer. Most camp grounds allow sites to be reserved 6 months in advance. A Trailer can be reserved once a camp site has been booked. We deliver to the locations listed in the drop down menu. If you want a Trailer delivered to a different location we may or may not be able to accommodate. Please call to ask. 805.797.7460.

Can I get an early delivery or late checkout?

Camping Adventures has multiple Trailers to pick up and deliver each day, especially during the summer. We often have several trailers to pick up on a given morning. Pick up times are generally between 9:30 - 10:30 am, and delivery times are generally between 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm daily.
It is your responsibility to call us (805) 797-7460 (1) day prior to the Trailer Rental Start Date to check in with our office and receive your scheduled delivery time. Delivery times will be scheduled based on the number and location of deliveries for that day.

If you would like a late checkout, you will want to rent the campsite for an additional night and arrange a late pick up prior to the morning of departure. Of course you can enjoy the camp ground after we pick up the trailer and after noon park in the day use areas.

Does Camping Adventures Include Any Items in the Trailer?

Yes. Trailer Inventory List Download

What do I need to take for the trip?

The Renter take along check list Download

How Much Water can I Use?. (and other commonly asked questions)

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