Review from a customer – August 2015
April Hoff September 1st, 2015

Review from a customer – August 2015

April, we truly enjoyed your RV. Our family has been into camping for some 40 years. I was an Eagle scout when a boy and both of my sons are eagle scouts, so we have done a huge amount of camping over the years. Old age has slowed me down and at 74 years old, I simply cannot do the things I was capable of doing.(sleeping in a tent, on the ground, building fires for cooking, gathering water etc.

Having your RV delivered to the site and set up properly was a real treat, and removing it was a huge success. Your RV make our vacation truly an enjoyable outing. Not having to live out of a “cooler”, but using a real refrig was highly rewarded my my wife of 48 years.

Being on a fixed income makes the expense costly, but once or twice a year is do-a-able. I don’t know how to write you a review for a reference, but you are more the welcome to copy the above and use my name/number anytime. Thank you again Howard Z

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